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xmppbot is developed mainly to provide easier integration and communication of (local) scripts with XMPP. An xmppbot-instance is itself connected to XMPP but also listens on a socket for normal XMPP-stanzas. This way scripts don't have all the overhead of connection, authentication, encryption etc. that comes with XMPP. Additionally, the bot uses a cache for IQ-stanzas, thus reducing XMPP-traffic.

This functionality useful either if execution time is critical (i.e. if part of a CMS-installation) or if the same packages would be send very often, which would be the case for a collection of Munin plugins.

Authors, download and licence

xmppbot is developed by Mati. I thus share the source in the public part of my SVN-repository, the URL is:


The whole project is of course under the GPLv3.

Munin plugins

The xmppbot comes with quite a few Munin plugins.


The MUC-plugins monitor the usage of Multi User Chats a.k.a. chatrooms. For xmppbot to obtain this information, it must join the room. You can either do this with xmppbot-control or at start-time in the config-file.

Both plugins require little configuration, only the environment variable "mucs" must be set to the mucs that the plugins should monitor. Here is an example:

env.mucs fsinf@conference.fsinf.at,cacert@conference.fsinf.at

transports_ is a true wildcard plugin. Its valid suffixes are 'uptime', 'connections', 'totalconnections' and 'messages'. They are all configured the same way as the muc_ plugins. So far, the plugin supports only ICQ, AIM and MSN transports.

Drupal plugin