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Deprecated Extension!

This extension is deprecated and no longer maintained by the developer. It may no longer work for current versions of MediaWiki and Bugs are no longer fixed. Please see the Deprecated section for more information.

Manual on MediaWiki Extensions
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Release status: stable

Implementation User identity
Description This extension allows you to login via the SSO-portal provided by ZID (more info).
Author(s) Mati talk
Version 1.5.2 (2009-05-03)
MediaWiki 1.14.0 (but most likely also older versions), currently not with 1.15.0+
License GPL v3 or any later version.
Download see Download
Parameters $wgZidAuthOidMapping, $wgZidAuthSecret, $wgZidAuthAppNumber
Example http://lex.iguw.tuwien.ac.at/gsi authenticates with this plugin. You need to work and/or study at the TU to try this out, though.
Hooks used


This extension allows you to authenticate against the user-database of the Zentraler Informatikdienst (ZID) of the Vienna University of Technology. The authentication is done by the ZID-Server and your MediaWiki will assign a username based on you status:

  • If you are a student (even if you also work at the TU), you will get you Matrikelnummer as username
  • If you work at the TU and are not enrolled in any studies, you will get "firstname lastname" as username
  • The username you get can be overridden on a individual basis.


The source code of this extension was hosted on git.fsinf.at, a project no longer maintained. Since this extension was so old, the git repository was not transfered to any other repository and the source code is no longer available.


Download The extension and include these lines in LocalSettings.php.

$wgAuth = new Auth_remoteuser_zid();
# Shared secret between you and ZID (you usually choose one):
$wgZidAuthSecret = ''; 

# ZID will tell you this.
$wgZidAuthAppNumber = 0; 

# You can do additional mapping of any OID to a specific username.
# This overrides your real name or Matrikelnummer.
$wgZidAuthOidMapping = array(
        # this can be _free_ text (within the limitations of MW).
        2596809 => 'Mathias Ertl', 
        2924917 => 'Wilfried Reinthaler',


1.0 (rev. 311)
  • first version documented here.
  • tested with 1.14.0 but should work with older versions as well


GPL v3 or any later version.