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{{Extension|templatemode = 1
|name        = RestAuth
|status      = stable
|type1      = user identity
|type2      = user rights
|hook1      = UserAddGroup
|hook2      = UserRemoveGroup
|hook3      = UserSaveSettings
|hook4      = UserSaveOptions
|hook5      = BeforeInitialize
|username    = Mati
|author      = Mathias Ertl
|description = This allows MediaWiki to authenticate against the [[RestAuth]] shared authentication service.
|version    = 0.9
|update      = 2011-03-16
|mediawiki  = 1.16.3 or later
|license    = {{License}}
|download    = see [[#Download|Download]]
|readme      = [[{{FULLPAGENAME}}|Documentation]]
|changelog  = [[{{FULLPAGENAME}}#Changelog|Changelog]]
|parameters  = $wgRestAuthHost, $wgRestAuthService, $wgRestAuthServicePassword, $wgRestAuthRefresh, $wgRestAuthGlobalOptions, $wgRestAuthIgnoredOptions
|example    = see [[#Example|Example]]
The RestAuth MediaWiki extension integrates MediaWiki with the [[RestAuth]] project. It uses all features of the RestAuth protocol (authentication, authorization and preferences).
=== Download ===
=== Installation & Configuration ===
After downloading the extension, you need to include RestAuth.php in your LocalSettings.php file and set a few required settings:
<source lang=php>
require_once( "$IP/extensions/RestAuth/RestAuth.php" );
# RestAuth service details:
$wgRestAuthHost = '';
$wgRestAuthService = '';
$wgRestAuthServicePassword = 'random-password';
# Needs to be *after* the settings above:
$wgAuth = new RestAuthPlugin();
# Optional Settings:
# How often do you want to update settings from the shared authentication server:
#$wgRestAuthRefresh = 360;
# You can add MediaWiki settings here so they are saved as global option and may be used by other systems. By default, language, real name, email and email_confirmed are synchronized to global settings:
#$wgRestAuthGlobalOptions['some setting'] = true;
# If you want the plugin to completely ignore some settings, you can add them here. By default, only the watchlist token is ignored.
#$wgRestAuthIgnoredOptions[] = 'ignored setting';
===== MediaWiki 1.16.2 or earlier =====
MediaWiki 1.16.2 or earlier does not have the Hooks required to synchronize local groups to the RestAuth service. Please apply the patch included in the 1.16.0 branch. You can also fetch the patch [ directly].
=== How synchronization works ===
===== Passwords =====
If the user sets a new password in MediaWiki, the new passwords is sent immediately to the RestAuth server. This means that the change takes immediate effect in all services that use RestAuth (unless the other service uses some sort of cache on its own). This also means that it is impossible to ''login'' if the RestAuth server is not available.
===== Groups & Preferences =====
Groups and Preferences are refreshed upon login, when viewing [[Special:Preferences]] or five minutes after the last refresh. The latter interval can be configured using $wgRestAuthRefresh.
=== Example ===
This Wiki is one of the Wikis that uses our own RestAuth server. Feel free to create an account here and then log in at, for example, [].
Try updating preferences in this Wiki (try setting real name, email address or column width). All your preferences and groups are saved on the RestAuth server. The MediaWiki plugin updates preferences every five minutes by default (see $wgRestAuthRefresh above), so it will take a little while for your preferences to become visible in another wiki. If you logout and login again or view the preferences page, all your settings are immediately synchronized.
=== Changelog ===
===== 0.9 =====
* first version documented here.
=== ToDo ===
* Nothing on the ToDo pile right now.
=== Licence ===

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