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The ''RestAuth'' project is a system providing shared authentication, authorization and preferences. At the core of the project is the [[/Specification|detailed specification]] ([[Specification overview|simplified overview]]) for a network protocol loosely based on the [ REST paradigm].
The primary design goal of the RestAuth project is to make it as easy as in any way possible to integrate existing services into the RestAuth system. If you need to use the protocol directly (i.e. because you are using a language where no library exists), basic authentication consists of just a few HTTP calls, you don't even need to use a JSON parser. Even more complex tasks require little more than a HTTP protocol implementation and a JSON parser. Our libraries make RestAuth even simpler to use, you need no knowledge of the protocol, you won't even notice that you are performing calls via the network.
=== Servers ===
The project provides a [ reference implementation] based on the [ Django web framework].
=== Client libraries ===
Libraries exist for [ Python] (the client reference implementation), [ PHP], [ Java] and [ Ruby].
=== Plugins ===
There are ready-to-use plugins for [[/Apache plugin|Apache basic authentication]], [[/PAM plugin|PAM]], [[/MediaWiki plugin|MediaWiki]], [ Drupal6] and [[/Gallery2|Gallery2]].
=== Development ===
* [[/Bugreports|Bug reports]]
* [[/Wish-list|Wish-list]]
* [[/Username considerations|Username considerations]]
* [[/Usernames|Usernames]]

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