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Version vom 16. Juni 2013, 18:00 Uhr von Mati (Diskussion | Beiträge)
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Bug What Who Status Fixed in Notes
11462 typo in hook definition Mati Fixed 1.11.1
11468 Title.php: getParentCategories *sometimes* returns string.... Mati Fixed 1.12.0 Attached patch was not applied, someone else fixed this.
12895 make recent changes lines customizable Mati New Still have to propose a patch for this
13723 update.php doesn't print errors to stderr Mati RESOLVED The behavior apparently changed silently
15209 New hook right after initialization Mati FIXED 1.16.0 Hook necessary for SecurePages-Extension.
16802 application/x-rar is not a known mime-type Mati FIXED 1.14
16809 documentation gives wrong hints Mati FIXED - MWSearch extension
24987 Special:ListUsers does not take external groups into account Mati FIXED 1.16.1 Bug discovered while developing RestAuth.
28082 Add Hooks to User::addGroup and User::removeGroup Mati FIXED - This patch is necessary for synchronizing local groups to RestAuth.
49641 updateExternalDBGroups in AuthPlugin Mati Open