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We use ejabberd to power the XMPP-Service behind jabber.fsinf.at (the CMS is a Drupal). Due to ejabberd being written in erlang, no real code has been contributed to ejabberd so far. We do submit bug reports. We should share our configuration file here as well, this is a ToDo.

Bug Reports

Bug What Who Status Fixed in Notes
EJAB-830 mod_private: odbc-dump cannot be imported into postgresql Mati Solved This turned out to be a configuration problem.
EJAB-834 export to odbc: backslashes not properly escaped Mati Solved This is a problem with the standard postgresql configuration.
EJAB-914 ejabberdctl reports wrong number of total registered users with postgres Mati New This should be easy to fix.
EJAB-1031 web interface doesn't report correct last activity with postgresql backend Mati New Probably related to EJAB-914: Generally bad PostgreSQL support.