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! Bug !! What !! Who !! Status !! Fixed in !! Notes
! Bug !! What !! Who !! Status !! Fixed in !! Notes
| {{Ejabberd Bug|1647}} || llow blocking of certain MUC names || Mati || Open || ||
| {{Ejabberd Bug|1647}} || Allow blocking of certain MUC names || Mati || Open || ||
| {{Ejabberd Bug|1588}} || umask option for mod_muc_log || Mati || Fixed || 2.1.12 ||
| {{Ejabberd Bug|1588}} || umask option for mod_muc_log || Mati || Fixed || 2.1.12 ||

Version vom 8. Juli 2013, 19:24 Uhr

We use ejabberd to power the XMPP-Service behind jabber.at and jabber.fsinf.at, which no longer allows registrations (the CMS is a Drupal). Due to ejabberd being written in erlang, no real code has been contributed to ejabberd so far, but we do submit bug reports. We also collect information on how to configure ejabberd nodes at runtime.


Because we encourage others to run their own jabber servers, we share our (fairly advanced) configuration with the world. You can find the files in git.fsinf.at/fsinf/ejabberd. All sensitive information is located in another file called secrets.cfg that is not included in the repository, look at the file secrets.cfg.example to see how the file should look like.

Due to the use of file inclusion and macro definition, the files only work with ejabberd 2.1.0 or later. We use a few contributed modules, a complete list is usually found at the beginning of the file ejabberd.cfg.

There are quite a few tricks that allow you to configure ejabberd at runtime, avoiding downtimes due to reconfiguration. For a list of all known commands, please see ejabberd runtime configuration.


We maintain recent packages for ejabberd in our Apt repositories. The repositories also contains a large number of ejabberd modules found in the ejabberd-modules SVN repository. The ejabberd packages are included in the components ejabberd, jabber and all.

Database updates

Since there is almost no record of database schema changes for ejabberd, I try to keep a record of that here.

Web registration

We allow registration via our homepage at jabber.at/register. The registration form is implemented as a Drupal plugin and it uses ejabberd_xmlrpc (which we also provide a Package for) to communicate with ejabberd. The module also requires xmlrpc bindings for PHP, under Debian/Ubuntu the package is called php5-xmlrpc.

The plugin can be found at git.fsinf.at/fsinf/drupal.

Current limitations:

  • No registration for multiple hosts
  • No authentication to the xmlrpc interface

Note that the CAPTCHA is actually configured by the CAPTCHA and ReCAPTCHA modules.

Bug Reports

I have an account in the Process One bug tracker to submit bug reports.

Bug What Who Status Fixed in Notes
EJAB-1647 Allow blocking of certain MUC names Mati Open
EJAB-1588 umask option for mod_muc_log Mati Fixed 2.1.12
EJAB-1515 captcha_host URL is hardcoded to http Mati Closed Now working
EJAB-1308 ejabberdctl set_presence is poorly documented (and not working?) Mati Open
EJAB-1295 ejabberd treats new accounts as "old" Mati Closed
EJAB-1287 Incorrect detection of Erlang R11 and older Mati Closed 2.1.6
EJAB-1248 ODBC schemas should include version number Mati Open This should improve the ability to (automatically) update db schemas for MySQL and PostgreSQL.
EJAB-1240 Add timestamp to the database schemas (PostgreSQL) Mati Resolved 2.1.4/3.0.0 Actually related to EJAB-1235 (see below). It turns out that in EJAB-376 created_at colums where already added to the MySQL schema file. This adds those columns to the PostgreSQL schema file as well.
EJAB-1237 "ejabberdctl update" to update modified modules Mati Resolved 2.1.5/3.0.0 This introduces the ejabberdctl commands update_list, update_all and update_module. Note that "update_list" does not work with ejabberd-2.1.4.
EJAB-1235 Ejabberd should log when a user was created Mati Open Feature improvement to fight bots and delete old accounts.
EJAB-1218 ejabberdctl should be able to dump to stdout Mati Won't Fix Impossible to solve with mnesia
EJAB-1108 mod_pubsub_odbc creates error Mati Closed Misconfiguration on our side
EJAB-1031 web interface doesn't report correct last activity with postgresql backend Mati Resolved 2.1.1/3.0 Probably related to EJAB-914: Generally bad PostgreSQL support.
EJAB-914 ejabberdctl reports wrong number of total registered users with postgres Mati Resolved 2.1.0 Fixed with 2.1.0 (and the switch from mod_ctl_extra to mod_admin_extra)
EJAB-834 export to odbc: backslashes not properly escaped Mati Closed This is a problem with the standard postgresql configuration.
EJAB-830 mod_private: odbc-dump cannot be imported into postgresql Mati Closed This turned out to be a configuration problem.