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dbclean is designed to cleanup regular database dumps and keep copies at a certain granularity for a specified time. It is of course not restricted to database dumps but can clean up any files that are saved at regular intervals. This script was developed together with dbdump, hence its name. The defaults are matched to those of dbdump, so they work together.


Simply check out the svn-repository:

svn co http://svn.fsinf.at/fs/dbclean

If you don't want to specify the full path, you can of course copy dbclean.py somewhere in your path (/usr/local/bin is usually good).

Note that this script requires python 3.0 or later.

General parameters

Please see dbclean -h for all known parameters.


A sample configuration file is included with the source code, see the file dbclean.conf.example.

After that, you can start the script with

dbclean.py --section=example

where example is the section in your config-file.