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Deprecated Extension!

This extension is deprecated and no longer maintained by the developer. It may no longer work for current versions of MediaWiki and Bugs are no longer fixed. Please see the Deprecated section for more information.

The PreloadUploadForm allows you to preload the UploadForm with a summary and a destination filename. You can do this via parameters in the request sent to MediaWiki.


This extension is deprecated. While the extension may still be useful in other scenarios, it is no longer required for our needs.


The installation is very simple. Just drop PreloadUploadForm.php (read source or download a .tar.gz) in your extensions folder and add the following line in your LocalSettings.php:



None necessary!


There are two possible parameters you can send to the UploadPage:

  • summary preloads text to a summary.
  • destination preloads text to the destination filename.

In this Wiki, the link to the UploadForm is:

To preload a summary, use: summary

To preload a destination filename use: filename

Or preload both: filename&summary=foo summary

Tipps & Tricks

You will of course want to link to the Special:Upload page with any of these parameters. If you do that using normal Wiki-Syntax (like '[[Special:Upload?summary=foo]]') you will get a blue link, but if you click on it, it will say "Special page not found." since no special page with the name "Upload?summary=foo" exists. I know of only one way to get this right, and that is, to use an external link (like '[ Upload!]'), which is of course not very pretty. There is, however, a way to make external Links look like internal links. For that, create a Template (ours is here) with the following code:

<span class="plainlinks">[{{SERVER}}{{localurl:{{{1}}}}}?{{{qs}}} {{{2|{{{1}}}}}}]</span>

and then use the template like this:

{{Querylink|Special:Upload|qs=summary=foo|Upload a new file}}

You of course only have to use that if you want to post an link to the upload page (See?). You could, however, use this to create "internal" links to edit-pages etc...


Since this extension is so short, I'm putting this in the public domain.